Breakfast                                                                                                                                           48
Israeli Breakfast - served until 16:00 
Your choice of eggs, fresh vegetables, three kinds of cheese, coffee / tea / orange juice, served with the house bread & butter


Tuna 18 

Bulgarian cheese 18 

Salty pretzels 12 

Bread and butter / olives 
/ hard boiled egg 8 

Muesli – a bowl of health 34
Granola, yogurt, fresh seasonal fruit and honey

Shakshouka 48
Served with fresh vegetable 
salad, bread & butter

Soup 36
Served with the house 
bread & butter; 
Soup of the day – please ask your waiter

Fries 36


The Chef's salad 58
Caciocavallo cheese, sweet potato fries, strips of carrot and kohlrabi, radishes, fresh mushrooms, on a bed of baby leaves and arugula, with the chef's seasoning 

Greek Salad 58
Feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions, on a bed of lettuce with olive oil, basil, and thyme

Theater Salad 58
Bulgarian cheese, walnuts, fresh mushrooms, carrot and red pepper strips on a bed of baby greens, seasoned with a balsamic honey sauce

Sir-fried Salad 62
Salty cheese, a selection of fresh vegetables stir-fried with soy sauce, bean sprouts, basil, walnuts, mushrooms

Pasta Stir-Fry 64
Italian pasta and fresh vegetables, stir-fried with soy sauce and honey

* Served with the house bread & butter

Toasted Bagel

Balkan 52
Feta cheese, tomato, thyme, black olives

The House Bagel 48
Butter, cheese, tomato, and basil leaves

Smoked Salmon 56
Cream cheese, smoked salmon, and tomato

Tuna 56
Cheese, tuna, tomato, basil leaves

* Served with a green salad and the house dressing


Feta 52
Pesto, feta cheese, with antipasti – grilled 
peppers and grilled eggplant – with baby leaves

Omelet 52
Cream cheese, omelet, lettuce, cucumber, 
tomato, and baby leaves

Tuna 56
Aioli (mayonnaise), tuna, tomatoes and 
baby leaves

Smoked Salmon 58
Cream cheese, smoked salmon, tomatoes, 
onion and baby leaves

* Made with whole-wheat bread, and served with seasoned green salad

Pasta with an Italian flavor

Goat's cheese ravioli 68
Filled with soft goat's cheese and basil

Sweet potato ravioli 68
Filled with sweet potato and herbs

Roquefort ravioli 68
Roquefort and nuts filling 

Fettuccini / Linguine 62

Penne 58

Choice of sauces:

- Cream, fresh mushrooms and garlic Fresh tomatoes and basil
-Pesto: olive oil, herbs, and garlic 
-Salsa Rosa: tomato and cream
-Scandinavian: cream and smoked salmon

Cannelloni and Lasagna


Served with green salad and the house dressing 

Eggplant Cannelloni 64
Grilled eggplant gratin, filled with feta cheese, fresh tomato and basil sauce 

Spinach Cannelloni64
Steamed spinach gratin with olive oil, filled with ricotta cheese, and mushroom cream sauce

Served with green salad and the house dressing 

With a spinach and mozzarella cheese filling, and 
a creamy tomato sauce 66


Broccoli and creamed cheeses

Mushroom 62
Fresh mushrooms and broccoli cream

Sweet potato 58
Sweet potato with leek, ginger and creamed cheeses

* Served with green salad and the house dressing


Margherita 54
Mozzarella, tomato sauce and oregano 

Olivia 55
Mozzarella, tomato sauce, black olives & green olives

Champignon 56
Mozzarella, tomato sauce, fresh mushrooms

Greek 58
Tomato sauce, pesto, za'atar, feta cheese and mozzarella

Parmesan 58
Tomato sauce, parmesan, tomatoes 
and onions

Marinara 64
Mozzarella, tomato sauce, tuna and smoked salmon 
Baked potato gratin

Mushroom Potato 58
With a mushroom cream sauce

* Served with green salad and the house dressing


Salmon fillet 98
Baked with olive oil and herbs, 
served with baked potato / chips + 
cooked vegetables 

St. Peter's Fish fillet (Tilapia) 92
Baked with olive oil and herbs, 
served with baked potato / chips + cooked vegetables

Sea Fish Kebab 82
With a spicy tomato sauce, 
green salad and the house bread


Red Tuna Steak 98
Pan seared, with a sauce of cream, Dijon mustard, white wine and capers, accompanied by cooked vegetables

Italian Crepe 70
Creamy blue cheese with a mushrooms and garlic cream filling, served with green salad and the house dressing 

Potato and Parmesan Gnocchi 70
Can be served with any sauce from the menu

Sweet Potato Gnocchini 70
Can be served with any sauce from the menu

Tortellini 70
Filled with four cheeses; can be served with any sauce from the menu

Country-style Eggplant 40
Char-grilled eggplant with green tahini sauce, yogurt and olive oil, served with the house bread

Middle Eastern salad (served until 16:00) 48
Tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers, parsley, and mint, on a bed of lettuce seasoned with olive oil and lemon with raw tahini (with optional onions)

Yogurt soup (Tarator) 28
Yogurt, cucumber, dill pickles, drizzled with olive oil, and served with house bread (wholegrain)

Health Sandwich 30
Low-cal bread, with sundried tomato spread, salty cheese (5% fat), lettuce, 
tomatoes and radishes

Belgian Waffle 48
Served with ice cream, chocolate syrup, 
maple syrup and whipped cream

Cheese and raisin blintzes 48
Filled with sweet cheese and raisins, served with a citrus and honey sauce


Apple strudel 32

Apple / Pecan Pie34

Cheesecake with Crumbs / Sugar Free 34

Cheesecake with Blueberries 34

Baked Cheesecake34

Tiramisù Cake / Tricolade Mousse 34

Hot Chocolate Cake 36
Served with ice cream and 
whipped cream

Fresh fruit salad, seasonal fruit 32